The Solar Panel Cleaning Solution for Contractors

Solar Panel Cleaning Transformation

The demand for solar panel cleaning services is tremendous.

     If you are a business owner who provides solar panel cleaning services to residential and commercial customers or a contractor who cleans thousands of solar panels on solar farms, you will find the perfect solution within the Solar Shampoo™ family of products to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
     Solar panel cleaning is our specialty. We feel confident that you will find everything you need in our online store to make it your specialty too.

     Getting started is easy. We have a full range of solar panel cleaning equipment and solar panel cleaning chemicals to choose from, including our own proprietary eco-friendly Solar Shampoo™ panel cleaning soaps developed specifically for professional contractor use.
     It is a fact that solar panels get dirty, and dirty solar panels reduce output. We feel confident that you will find all the solar panel cleaning tools, equipment and chemicals you need to offer your customers this much needed service to restore their solar panel output to optimum efficiency.

      We invite you to browse our on-line store. 


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