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If you are a business owner who provides solar panel cleaning services to residential and commercial customers or a contractor who cleans thousands of solar panels on solar farms, you will find the perfect solution in our Solar Shampoo® online store to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

As you know, rainwater is not sufficient to clean solar panels. Not only does rain water not clean solar panels but it actually makes them dirtier as it contains minerals, dust particles, pollen and pollution that build up making the panels cloudy and dirty when the water evaporates. Specially engineered solar panel cleaning tools, equipment, and chemicals are required to properly clean dirty solar panels. And we have a full range of solar panel cleaning equipment and solar panel cleaning chemicals for you to choose from, including our own proprietary eco-friendly Solar Shampoo® panel cleaning soaps developed specifically for professional contractor use.

We invite you to browse our online store. If you have any questions about any of our products, would like to customize your equipment order, or if you are ready to place an order contact us.


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