Karcher iSolar TL 7 H, 5-23 ft. Telescopic Pole


iSolar Lance.jpg

This telescopic pole is ideal for use with Solar Shampoo® equipment and chemicals for cleaning solar panels. It is made from a carbon/fiberglass mixture (hybrid) and offers maximum rigidity with minimum weight. It has a reach of up to 23’ and is equipped with practical quick-release couplings - for convenient extension and retraction. The speed is regulated via ball tap, which ensures easy handling. The carbon/fiberglass mixture is also used for the lowest rod element for electrical insulation and work safety.

Solar Shampoo® 36” Sprayer Wand


36 Inch Wand for Solar Panel Cleaning.jpg

The Legacy Industrial trigger gun with 36” star shape molded grip wand, and twist-type rollover nozzle is a great tool for your solar panel cleaning needs and works great with Solar Shampoo® chemicals and equipment.