ProPlus® UBERFLEX™ Kink Resistant Pressure Washer Hose 50', 100', & 200' lengths

50' Hose - $86.00

100' Hose - $125.00

200' Hose - $269.00

Uberflex Hose for Solar Panel Cleaning.jpg

3/8” ProPulse® UBERFLEX™ Kink Resistant Pressure Washer Hose available in 50', 100', & 200' lengths. The most flexible & light weight hose in the industry! Excellent for use with Solar Shampoo® chemicals and equipment to clean solar panels! NOT FOR HOT WATER OR STEAM.

The Benefits

The latest technology from ProPulse® delivers a revolutionary upgrade from the standard commercial cold water pressure washer hose. UBERFLEX™ possesses superior resilience to permanent kinking and stability in length. It is also unmatched in abrasion, chemical, ozone and UV resistance.

The UBERFLEX™ weighs over 10% less than the standard 1-wire rubber hose and the textured polyurethane cover offers reduced snagging and drag resistance - reducing user fatigue. UBERFLEX™ hoses are preferred by pressure washer manufacturers on their middle and high-end commercial cold-water equipment.